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Virtual Global Peace Convention 2021: Moral And Innovative Leadership In Peacebuilding For Our Changing World

Virtual Global Peace Convention 2021 Moral And Innovative Leadership In Peacebuilding For Our Changing World min min

Dr. William J. Parker is one of the One Korea Plenary speakers in the Global Peace Convention 2021 (GPC2021) convened from August 6-15 under the theme “Moral and Innovative Leadership in Peacebuilding for Our Changing World” and featured plenaries, forums, roundtable discussions, a virtual exhibition hall, formal and informal networking sessions and interactive messaging boards.

“If we successfully seize on this opportunity, the world will be safer,” Dr. Parker told the forum. “The Peninsula will be both safer and more prosperous. And other dangerous scenarios around the globe will witness the peaceful resolution to an otherwise disastrous outcome.”

In the GPC 2021’s Korea plenary addressing the theme “Building a Free and Unified Korea as a Catalyst for Regional and Global Transformation,” experts from the Republic of Korea, the United States, Japan, Russia, Mongolia, India, China, the United Kingdom, and more evaluated the complexities of working towards a peaceful Korean unification. Even beyond official diplomatic efforts, the session explored viable options to address North Korean security threats, prospects for regional economic integration, and ways to draw attention to the many human rights and humanitarian issues affecting the Korean people.

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