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Dr. William Parker III | International Forum on One Korea 2017 | Washington D.C.

Dr. William Parker III International Forum on One Korea 2017 Washington D

Dr. Wiliiam J. Parker III presented his message in the opening plenary of the International Forum on One Korea 2017, titled: Strengthening US, ROK and International Cooperation for Northeast Asia Peace and Security with the theme “International Policy & Civil Society”. The event was held in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. Korean peninsula is an opportunity, to reduce suffering of 25 million in North Korea, opportunity to reunite koreans, to bring democracy to a large people, to eliminate nuclear weapons from peninsula, opportunity for China, opportunity for US to help as a global leader. North Koreans live in a world with hunger, state mandated jobs, brutal response to any criticism, and in a way few can imagine. Great economic disparity between North and South: 2013- North Korea $33 billion. $1800 GDP. South Korea at $1.9 trillion. GDP Nuclear proliferation is less secure.

The International Forum on One Korea 2017: Solutions to the Korean Peninsula Crisis was held from Nov. 14-15 in Washington D.C. conjoined with a subsequent series held Dec. 7-8 in Seoul, Korea. The forums were co-convened by Global Peace Foundation, East-West Institute, Action for Korea United, and the One Korea Foundation and examined the significant and essential elements of a Korean-led process for the reunification of the Korean peninsula, including multi-sector participation and citizen engagement.

Dr. Parker is an accomplished speaker and frequent guest commentator in global media on issues of national security and the global economy. Known for his ability to explain complicated international issues clearly and to provide coherent solutions, Dr. Parker has lectured at renowned international venues and institutions worldwide.

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