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Why Russia is Still a Challenge | Dr. William J. Parker III

Watch as distinguished national security expert Dr. William J. Parker III — a combat veteran, U.S. Navy Captain, and COO at the EastWest Institute — details the unchecked threat Russia poses to the world.

In this video, Dr. William J. Parker explains why Russia could still pose a potential threat to the world. This includes the prevalance of their nuclear weapons, having very significant military and the most capable submarines, and it’s relationship with other countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, Syria and Turkey.

A lot of people say, “Russia is in the past.” Well are they, really? Because Russia and the United States still had the preponderance of nuclear weapons in the world. Russia still has a very significant military. Russia just put on of the most capable submarines the world has ever seen to sea. Russia is expanding. If you look at the Ukraine. If you look at Georgia. If you look at Syria. If you look at their works with the Turks right now. It is expanding. And Vladimir Putin is actually doing a pretty good job of being quiet when he needs to be quiet, and being robust when he needs to be robust.

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