Discussion On Korean Reunification

Seoul Forum Draws Experts For Discussion On Korean Reunification

Dr. William J. Parker III spoke at the The International Forum on One Korea, titled “Historic Opportunity for Korean Reunification: Vision, Leadership, Action,” which convened on the eve of Korea’s 74th National Liberation Day. Dr. Parker said that the first step in securing peace on the peninsula is addressing the issue of human rights. He said that resolving the grave human rights violations in North Korea will motivate the DPRK to protect its economic interests, stabilizing the region and reducing the incentive to retain a nuclear program. Restated by many forum speakers, many efforts have been made internationally to realize denuclearization, however, little progress has resulted through the narrow focus of the current approach.

The International Forum on One Korea 2019 was a collaborative effort of the Global Peace Foundation, Action for Korea United and other partners. The forum was followed by the Action for Korea United Festival 2019 at the Kintex Convention Center in Seoul to commemorate the 74th National Liberation Day of Korea, the Day of Restoration of Light, or “Gwangbokcheol.” The Festival called on activists to envision and rise up and work together to build a unified Korea based on time-honored Korean values.

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